SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU1 and ADK10 Installation – things to know

During the upgrade of the SCCM infrastructure we noticed (as mentioned in a previous post in this blog) the importance of a couple of prechecks.


The WMI service must be working regards of stopping and starting, make sure all dependencies can be stopped and restartet as well.

On our SCCM server, we manually had to taskkill the WMI service in order to not crash the SCCM SP1 installation. During the CU1 installation it got even worse. The process svchost.exe with the ID of the WMI service had to be killed in addition.

ADK10 – WinPE PS cmdlets

After the installation of the new ADK10 and integration of the new ADK10 boot images the TS immediatly failed. The reason for the failure was the fact that Microsoft hasn’t enabled Powershell cmdlets in the W10 PE boot image.


So make sure, the that you add Microsoft .Net first and then Windows PowerShell,  and Windows Powershell (Dism Cmdlets) in your bootimage!

I experienced this error while adding Windows PowerShell and Powershell (Dism Cmdlets)before Microsoft .Net:


After that I was good to go. We are now using the new WinPE boot images while the “old” ones are still in place (a good friend told me to never ever delete the default boot images :-)!!!!!!) but unused.




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