Citrix  XenDesktop 7.6 MCS doesn’t see SCVMM Cluster Shared Volume storage

Environment: Citrix XenDesktop 7.6, SCVMM Hyper-V 2012R2 Cluster with 6 cluster-nodes, Snapshot contains W7x64 host system (Rearmed for use) As soon as I want to create a machine catalog having the provisioning method MCS configured I receive an error indicating that the CSV storage can’t be found. Machine Catalog creation process


detailed error message


I suspect a misconfiguration in the hyper-v cluster I have to further investigate the issue next week. A solution is about to come soon 🙂

Update 28th of July

As I suspected the issue was located in the configuration. The user creating the machine catalogue through MCS must be local admin on the hyper-v machines because of the creation of the differencing disk. This disk is created directly on the Hyper-V Host.

or from


If you are using Hyper-V you must install the System Center Virtual Machine Manager console on all you XenDesktop controllers.

The account you use to create hosts in Studio must be a VMM administrator or VMM delegated administrator for the relevant Hyper-V machines.

The user account used for XenDesktop integration must also be a member of the administrators local security group on each Hyper-V Server to support VM life cycle management


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