ConfigMgr 2012 R2: 8dot3name settings disabled on the volumes after partitioning and formatting of the local disk


We’ve noticed that the availabitlity of 8dot3name creation and existing mappings have been dropped off our customized OS Image (Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1). Indeed this caused some issues with applications referring to .dll’s in the registry for example using the 8dot3 shortcuts.


c:\progra~1 should be mapped to C:\Program Files/ C:\Program files (x86)

c:\progra~2 should be mapped to C:\Program Files\Common Files/ C:\Program files (x86)\Common Files

So These mapping were either disabled and not available at all.


So Microsoft did change the Default behavior of the formatting & partitioning function in SCCM’s WinPE 5 (based on Windows 8.1).


Now if you have an OS Imaging and an OS deployment (OSI & OSD) tasksequence there are some Workaround available.


leave the Task sequence as it is. Simply add a custom command line after the built-in Format/Partition step in the Task sequence as follows;

cmd.exe /c Format.exe c: /fs:ntfs /v:Default /q /s:enable /y

the key Parameter is /s this one specifies support for short filenames (enable, disable)


That should do the trick.


If you would like to remmediate an already customized (and 8dot3names disabled) Image the steps are a Little bit more complicated.

right after the built-in Format/Partition step went through  the fsutil.exe tool has to be copied to the formatted c:\

cmd.exe /c copy fsutil.exe.mui %windir%\system32\en-US

cmd.exe /c copy fsutil.exe %windir%\system32

then turn on the Feature and create the mappings manually

%windir%\System32\fsutil.exe 8dot3name set 0

(this turns the Feature on for the whole volume if you add “c:” between set and 0 the Feature would only be activated for the Partition C:\)

%windir%\system32\fsutil.exe file setshortname “program files” progra~1

(%windir%\system32\fsutil.exe file setshortname “program files\common files” common~1)

%windir%\system32\fsutil.exe file setshortname “program files (x86)” progra~2

(%windir%\system32\fsutil.exe file setshortname “program files (x86)\common files” common~2)


Verify the mappings running dir /x in a cmd.exe in c: root.


Workaround for existing installations

  • boot into WinRE/ WinPE (use a WinPE based on Windows 7, as Windows 8/Windows 8.1 WinPE does not contain the fsutil.exe anymore)
  • open the command line by pressing F8 (in a SCCM WinPE)
  • change the directory from X:\… to C:\
  • execute these commands

c:\windows\system32\fsutil.exe 8dot3name query c: (Display and verify that the feature ist disabled)
c:\windows\system32\fsutil.exe 8dot3name set 0 (enable the 8dot3name creation)
c:\windows\system32\fsutil.exe file setshortname “Program Files” progra~1 (create the 8dot3name shortcut for C:\Program Files)

  • reboot the system into the installed OS
  • Verify the status of 8dot3name creation



So, why and in which scenario is it recommended to turn off the mappings? A quick google search reveals that the deactivation and stripping of the mappings does significantly improve the directory lookup for large directories on file servers (up to 10 times!).


Update 14/03/14

Microsoft has officially acknowledged this issue. This issue is treated as a bug and will be at least documented or/and fixed in the next release of SCCM.


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